Launching Flanksource

July 20, 2021
4 min read

Launching Flanksource

Flanksource launched in January 2020 as a lean-first company focusing exclusively on Kubernetes.

Behind the Name

flank speed is a nautical term referring to a ship’s true maximum speed i.e. Flanksource is the engine that enables companies to reach their true potential.


Flanksource’s vision is to see the large number of companies adopting Kubernetes realize its true value through high penetration into their legacy on-premise application stacks - not just the green-fields cloud-native applications where Kubernetes finds most of its success today.

Chief Kubernetes Officer (CKO)

One of the many tasks required when starting a company is choosing what title to put on your business card. I choseCKO - in part as a play on words on CKA and Helmsman - but more importantly as a signal of the deep-seated aspiration we at Flanksource have for CKOs to become as common as Chief Digital Officers are today.

You might wonder how you could possibly compare a lowly container orchestrator to a full-blown digital transformation. If Kubernetes was just a container orchestrator, you would be right - but Kubernetes is so much more - to see why read Kubernetes is NOT a Container Orchestrator.

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