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flanksource helps you solve problems faster by providing a seamless understanding of your complex enterprise systems.

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How It Works

Single pane of glass

Application Level Insights

Aggregate data from multiple data sources enabling a single consolidated view of:
  • Application + Infrastructure Health
  • Security & Risk Compliance Levels
  • Cost
  • Deployments
  • Configuration
built for THE Enterprise

Rapid Deployment

With pre-built bundles for enterprise software suites, get up and running within hours, gaining deep visibility into both the infrastructure and application level configuration and health.
  • Track changes to the settings and configuration, even when stored directly in adatabase
  • Application health checks including batch processing
programmable definition of Done

Track cost, security, risk and availability incidents together

Incident and issues lifecycles are linked to a programmable definition of done - automatically closing tasks when it is met. You no longer to continually follow up with "is it fixed yet?"
Incident Commander

Hypothesis Driven Action Plans

With incident commander, teams are guided to approach incidents using hypo-deductive reasoning and avoid wasting time going down rabbit holes.
  • Develop and then test hypothesis using the programmable definition of done
  • Give new responders and executives a clear view of the action plan and status
Change, Contextualized

Intent oreinted change history

See the changes that have occurred recently,  from a planned network change, to a application level configuration change, or the introduction of new security policies without having to review each an every git commit or understand the configuration structure of every system
Changelog from postgresql.conf, pom.xml and kubernetes resource
Eliminate Ticket Purgatory

Eliminate ticket purgatory

Ever spent crucial time find the right process/credientials to log a ticket with another team or vendor? Or is the only 1 person who can check the status updates? And if your are on the receiving end of tickets, how much time do you spend following up with it, “is it fixed, can I close this ticket”?: Log issues with upstream teams / vendors with auto-updating tests that verify when issues are fixed avoiding the “Please re-test” loops
Automatically log tickets with your upstream vendors
  • Quickly get the vendor up to speed on what has been tried, what the configuration is, what other incidents may be occuring in the env
  • Grant access to metrics, configuration and logs for the duration of the incident, and only for items scoped to the incident
  • When the underlying problem is fixed,  automatically close the internal ticket, reducing the time wasted by your engineers asking is it fixed yet?

Local Development

flanksource provides open-source CLI’s for all the major components, this provides a setup-free, rapid feedback loop when building health checks and rules while also enabling testing of rules before they even are committed using PR based tests.

Configuration Management

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Quickly answer
questions like:

Are there any incidents open?  (with internal teams or external vendors / cloud providers)
What changed recently at either the infrastructure, application, code and configuration level?
What issues is AWS Trusted Advisor / Guard Duty picking up for this application and what is the remediation status ?
[Vendor] Please send me the logs, versions, and configuration file?
What is the health of my application?
Is what's running in QA identical to prod?

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