Passionate about all things Kubernetes

Our Mission

To help teams achieve elite* performance levels using Kubernetes based platforms.

* See the State of DevOps Report

Our Vision

To see Kubernetes commoditized in the management of all infrastructure: containers, serverless, VM's, bare-metal and everything in between

Our Values

Flanksource's values are not an afterthought, they predate the company itself.

Shared Value

No Licenses or Services. We sell better business value
We avoid paying commissions if at all possible
When we do pay commissions it is based on an NPS score, not the rand value

Lean First

Failure is inevitable, declare it quickly and learn fast
We focus exclusively on kubernetes platforms and voluntarily exit engagements where we don’t add value
Simple > Complex (KISS)
People > Principles > Practices > Tools


Relentless Focus
Single Task
Boring Consistency
No Agenda-Less Meetings
Follow up

Safety as a Prerequisite

Safety needs to be built-in, not an afterthought. This applies to:
Processes and Practices
People (Psychological Safety)
Safety requires continuous testing to ensure things work as expected (Trust, but Verify)

Moshe Immerman

Chief Kubernetes Officer

A Kubernetes Fanatic and active contributor of the Kubernetes Community, focusing on the Cluster Lifecycle special interest group (SIG) responsible for kubeadm, image-builder and Cluster API.

Moshe is passionate about resilience engineering and the impact of psychological safety in complex socio-technical systems.

Previously a DevOps architect at the Discovery Group and the CTO of an Enterprise Software company.


Josef Langerman
Head: Strategy, Architecture and
Organisational Change @
Standard Bank Group
Pierre Meyer
Head: Platform as a Service @
Discovery Group, Former Dev Manager @
Amazon Web Services

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