Flexible, Personalized Kubernetes Services

flanksource makes it easy to build, manage, and operate a secure, open-source Kubernetes-based platform.

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Resilient Kubernetes.
On your terms

We use SRE and GitOps principles to optimise pipelines and deliver safe and tested clusters.
Reduce your Kubernetes total cost of ownership
Improve your team’s knowledge & skills
Increase your resilience against production failures
Access baked-in tools & best practices with known good configuration
Accelerate your delivery

Kubernetes, Simplified

Streamlined, cost-effective platform solutions – customised for your business.
Extended production-grade support for all Kubernetes distributions and select Open Source software
GitOps-based Setup and configuration of Kubernetes platforms across the cloud, bare metal, and on-premises
Kubernetes Operator Development & Support
Migrations from on-premise to Cloud, Cloud to Cloud and Cloud to On Premise.
Production Readiness & Resilience Assessments
Self-service, secure DevOps pipeline setup

From slowed deployment to a secure on-premise platform

See how flanksource streamlined and improved the Kubernetes infrastructure for a leading insurance and financial services company.
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Unlimited scaling to fit your exact needs

Unlike many service providers, flanksource offers unlimited scalability with monthly support credits based on your technology needs. Zero license fees or service contracts to get started.

Kubernetes Quickstart

Be production ready in 60 days. GitOps managed clusters on-premise or in the cloud and delivered via the IaC tooling of your choice.
Production-grade with built-in security and monitoring
Operational playbooks for day-to-day operations and disaster recovery
Accelerated, guardrail-driven onboarding of new applications and teams

Internal Platform Development

Internal Platform development and operations raises the watermark, freeing developers from the need to become experts in CI/CD and infrastructure, letting them focus on delivering better business value.
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Managed Services

For teams without the capability or capacity for production operations, get end-to-end service based on an SRE mindset and principles.
24/7/365 availability
Two-Tier Oncall
You get a dedicated email address linked to our OpsGenie on-call rotation, enabling rapid response. Optionally, we join your on-call system.

Kubernetes Migrations

Migrating from on-premise, another cloud, or a less mature cloud environment.
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Cloud & Dev-Ops Strategy Development

Get the most out of your Kubernetes with actionable cloud and vendor-agnostic recommendations for short, medium and long-term value optimization.

Resilience & operational assessments

Address resilience from multiple angles. Fully customized operational readiness checklist, resilience reviews & built-in safety assessments.

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